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GAEL AUDEMAR VETTER                                                                           

Gaël Audemar Vetter is a visual artist, who lives in Paris. He lived many years in Rosny Sous Bois in Paris' suburban area (93), where he met professors like Nebojsa Vukadinovic, artist draftsman, and Dragajla Vukadinovic, painter. These two artists helped him in the evolution of the art. Gaël began to paint and draw since childhood, his interest in art increased at the middle school with his professor of Visual Arts. After one year of law school to become an auctioneer, he went to the University of Visual Arts Saint Charles (University Paris I) where he obtained a master's degree of Visual Arts, while attending his courses in the Visual Art School of Rosny Sous Bois. After several exhibitions in Rosny Sous Bois and Paris. 

He carried on drawing, painting, and also making sculptures and photos. In 2006, Gaël made a big come back in the drawing and the painting area where he did put an emphasis due to his parallel job. In June, 2009, he exposed his drawings and some paintings at the Studio Art Showroom in Paris 11eme, where he has been living for more than ten years. He pursued in October 2009, with his first personal exhibition of colored paintings in the Art Shopping exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, and, a collective exhibition in Soho (New York City) in December and January 2010. 

From 2010 till 2015, Gaël goes on exposing in Paris, in Brussels and near Boston. By his drawings and paintings mid representational mid abstract or completely abstract, he becomes enormously attached to colors and materials.

For my english-speaking friends : I am sorry as I am not used to write and speak in english language. I apologize for any language-related mistake. Your comments are always welcome. Thank you.